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CHTN Publications

Collaborative CHTN Efforts

  • The Effect of Frozen Tissue Storage Conditions on the Integrity of RNA and Protein
  • Herbert Auer, James A. Mobley, Leona Ayers, Jay Bowen, Rodrigo Chuaqui
    • Laurie Johnson, Virginia LiVolsi, Irina Lubensky, Diane McGarvey, Laura Monovich
    • Christopher Moskaluk, David Newsome, Craig Rumpel, Katherine Sexton, Kay Washington, Kerry Wiles

Eastern Division Publications

  • Z. von Menchhofen, N. Bollinger, V. LiVolsi, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, The Ohio State UniversityStandardized Measures Ensure Quality of Well-Characterized Human Biosamples for Biomedical Research
  • TJ. Kokkat; D. McGarvey; MS Patel; AD Tieniber; VA Livolsi; ZW Baloch. Protein extraction from methanol fixed paraffin embedded tissue blocks: A new possibility using cell blocks. CytoJournal, 10, 23 (2013).
    • T. Kokkat, L. Lovecchio, D. McGarvey, and V. LiVolsi. Effect of High Temperature Thawing on PTEN Enzyme in Human Uterine Tissue.” Biopreservation and Biobanking, 9(1): 89. (2011).
    • Z. von Menchhofen, D. McGarvey, and V LiVolsi. Bioinformatic Solutions to Unique Identification Labeling for Tissue Bank Databases: Practicing Safe “Sets”. Modern Pathology. 23(1): 336a (Feb 2010).
    • Z. von Menchhofen, D. McGarvey, and V. LiVolsi. A Three-Tiered Approach to the Collection and Protection Biospecimen Data: A Triple Threat”. Biopreservation and Biobanking, 7(4): 232-233. (May 2010).
    • Grizzle W, Sexton K, McGarvey, D, von Menchhofen Z, LiVolsi, VA. Lessons Learned During Three Decades of Operations of Two Prospective Bioresources. Biopreserv Biobank. 2018. 16:6 483-492.
    • Kokkat TJ, Patel MS, McGarvey D, LiVolsi VA, Baloch ZW: Archived formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) blocks: A valuable underexploited resource for extraction of DNA, RNA, and protein. Biopreserv Biobank. 2013. 11:101-106.

Midwestern Division Publications

  • MicroRNA-31 Predicts the Presence of Lymph Node Metastases and Survival in Lung Adenocarcinoma PatientsWei Meng, Zhenqing Ye, Ri Cui, James Perry, Vaia Dedousi-Huebner, Alexander Huebner, Yao Wang, Bin Li, Stefano Volinia, Hiroshi Nakanishi, Tawean Kim, Sung-Suk Suh, Leona W. Ayers, Patrick Ross, Carlo M. Croce, Arnab Chakravarti, Victor X. Jin, Tim LautenschlaegerClin Cancer Res.2013 Oct. 1; 19(19)
  • Research Biopsecimen Resources through HTRN to Funded InvestigatorsLeona W. Ayers, Randal Mandt, David Nohle, Gregory MacLennan & The CHTN Midwestern Division
  • Biospecimens Requested by HTRN Approved InvestigatorsLeona W. Ayers, Randal Mandt, David Nohle, Scott Scrape.

Southern Division Publications

  • Safety in Biomedical and Other LaboratoriesWilliam Grizzle, Walter Bell, Jerry Fredenburgh. Molecular Diagnostics 421-428, 2005
  • Quality Management of BiorepositoriesWilliam Grizzle, Elaine Gunter, Katherine Sexton, Walter Bell. Biopreservation and Biobanking 2015 13(3) 183-

Western Division Presentations

  • An End-to-End Donor Repository System in an Academic Environment, Kerry Wiles, Kay Washington, M.D. 6thAnnual Leaders in Biobanking Congress 2014, Seattle, WA
  • Cooperative Human TissueNetwork, XY Congress 2014, San Diego, CA
    • Transforming Business Operations of an Academic Biorepository through the Utilization of Measurable KPIsKiley Wease, Nicole Bollinger, Kerry Wiles, Mary Kay Washington ISBER 2014 Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL
    • Retrospective Analysis of Reported Errors for Development of Key Performance IndicatorsErik Brooks, Kiley Wease, Ying Jin, Kerry Wiles, Mary Kay Washington M.D., PhD. Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    • Configuring and Implementing an Error Reporting Feature in a Donor Repository Procurement ApplicationErik Brooks, Kiley Wease, Matt Clement, Ying Jin, Kerry Wiles, Mary Kay Washington MD PhD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    • Lean Six Sigma Implementation for the Advancement and Innovation of Bio-Repository OperationsKerry Wiles, Bojana Zivak, Emma Judd, Mary Kay Washington MD, PhD. Vanderbilt University Medical Center ISBER 2012 Annual Meeting, Syndey, Australia

Western Division Poster Presentations at the 2011 European, Middle Eastern and African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking (ESBB) Conference, Marseille, France include the following:

CHTN Investigator Publications Worth Mentioning

The CHTN provided human biospecimens to a study that identified an active transoendothelial pathway into solid tumors. The design of the study incorporated several different approaches to dissect mechanisms that occur in a small subcellular membrane component and that is susceptible to rapid disorganization as cells are dissociated or lose viability. The authors of the publication below note the demonstrated mechanism underlying transvascular pumping by caveolae can be targeted to greatly enhance tumor penetration. This provides new opportunities for the study, interrogation, manipulation and treatment of specific tissues and cells in vivo. The CHTN provided tissues from normal and solid tumors (brain, breast, kidney, liver and prostate cancer).

  • In vivo proteomic imaging analysis of caveolae reveals pumping system to penetrate solid tumors.Oh. P et al, Nature Medicine 20:1062-1068, 2014