April 2017

Tommy Liszkay

In addition to procuring and distributing biospecimens following the usual CHTN procedures, the CHTN Pediatric Division (pCHTN) also has a unique and longstanding relationship with the Children’s Oncology Group (COG). This relationship allows the pCHTN to distribute COG banked biospecimens once all clinical trial-specific correlative science studies are completed. Although the pCHTN is not a bank, this partnership gives CHTN investigators access to the precious clinically-annotated biospecimens maintained by COG. In this setting, applications for these biospecimens are handled by the pCHTN, but the availability of the biospecimens is determined by the COG’s specific Disease Committees following detailed evaluation of the scientific value of each application.

One of the latest and far-reaching COG initiatives is Project:EveryChild. The COG states the following:

“There are approximately 14,000 new cases of childhood cancer each year…